Sunday, January 13, 2008

Malveillance cd reissue collection of hard-to-find and out-of-print tapes

We are very very proud to co-release the Malveillance cd reissue collection of hard-to-find and out-of-print tapes, due early 2008.

This will be a cooperation between New.Scream.Industry (Montreal, Canada), Suffering Jesus (Saskatoon, Canada)
and Sabbathid (Japan).

Malveillance, a bleak mixture of black metal and discharged-propelled punk with howling vocals, released quite a bit of material since 2003 :

La mort avant la soumission (Autistiartili Records, 2003) ,
Que la mort vous emporte
(Autistiartili Records, 2003),
Nuissance (Blasphemous Underground Prods, 2004),
a split cassette with Vorago (Tour de Garde, 2005),
Insignifiance (Tour de Garde, 2005 - re-released in 2006 on cd by Suffering Jesus),
Le froid du nord (Harsh Brutal Cold prods, 2005),
L'appel du neant (Harsh Brutal Cold prods, 2006),
Just fuck off (New.Scream.Industry/Sabbathid/Suffering Jesus, 2006).

While the earlier releases had more of a black metal aesthetics, they did embody a sound that was akin to Akitsa, Burzum; slow, raw, minimalist yet effective.

As releases came forth, the punk influences came even more present, as a strong d-beat replaced the slower beats and as the guitar got even more stripped down; to the point of recording and releasing 7 covers of the Ramones on L'appel du neant cassette.

The cd reissue of hard-to-find and out-of-print tapes will feature the Nuissance (2004), Le froid du nord (2005) and L'appel du neant (2006) cassettes; and there *might* additional tracks as well.

The tentative track listing would be as follows :

*L'Appel du Neant, originally released January 12th, 2006
1. I Can't Be 01:45
2. Eat That Rat 01:24
3. Commando 01:45
4. I Don't Care 01:22
5. Love Kills 01:26
6. I Don't Wanna Be Learned+Tamed 01:19
7. It's A Long Way Back 01:28
-Tracks 1-7 are Ramones cover songs.
8. Les Assoifes 01:34
9. Conformisme (Fuck Off) 01:12
10. Dans la Poussiere des Bombes 01:41
11. L'avenement d'un Temps Nouveau 02:07
12. Au Nom de la Science 01:48
13. L'intolerance enfantee par la Peur 02:09
14. L'extase de Vivre 01:58
15. Comptez Vos Morts...Imbeciles 02:24
16. Vos Idoles Sont des Merdes 01:14
17. Vos Malheurs 02:34

*Le Froid du Nord, originally released on March 23rd, 2005
18. Effrondrement 01:49
19. Coup Final 01:46
20. Dans le Sang 02:14
21. Le Froid du Nord 02:25
22. Partisan de la Décadence 01:58
23. Le Moment Viendra 01:56
24. Commando 01:17
25. Sterilize (feat. Vorago) 02:04
26. Outro 03:45

*Nuisance, originally released in December 2004

27. Meurtre 05:20
28. Nausea 05:29
29. Pestilence 04:39
30. Je Ne Me Soumettrai Pas (Fuck Off) 04:04
31. Les Bienfaits Du Cyanure 03:41
32. Gouverné Par Des Rats 03:38
33. Outro 02:46

Estimated total time would be 76minutes:51seconds of raw, black d-beat punk.

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