Monday, March 8, 2010

Still not dead : Some news and explanations

Hi to all of you,

I would like to take this opportunity to set things straight with regards to the label.
The label is not dead, far from it !

I had an extremely difficult end of 2009 and beginning of 2010; this is why I could not get back to any of you.
I am very sorry to have kept you all in the dark about it all.

I went through a separation with the woman I was with for over 4 years and got kicked out of my apartment afterwards and had nowhere to go to and slept on couches for a few weeks.
I was laid off from my full-time and well-paid job and having to beg my old part-time job that does not pay well at all.
I haven't had internet access for weeks and just got back to taking care of weeks old emails and questions.
I found out that my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer disease and that my grandfather has both bone cancer and prostate cancer.
My father is awaiting results for tests regarding both his prostate and his diabetic status.
All of this really took a toll on my health and I had minor health problems related to all of that tumultuous period.

As you can surely imagine, personal occupations such as having a roof under my head, having a job and caring and being there for my family goes first before doing the label.

All of the bands’ copies were sent through the mail to their respective homes and got a very fair share of copies.
Needless to say I am terribly sorry that I messed up with regards to mail-ordering + trading for the last few weeks.

My sincere apologies for some of the people who waited an awful long time to get their stuff to their door; all orders where shipped w/ extra stuff to make up for the long delays. I hope it makes it up for the problematic situations.
Trades and promos were taken care of and shipped out.

PLEASE do get in touch if you have questions or anything of that matter.

Thank you for your understanding of the situation, your patience and professionalism.

All the best,


Wednesday, November 25, 2009



- Marblebog/Vorkuta MCD version of 7" on Autopsy Kitchen
- The Austrasian Goat/L'Acephale split 7"
(cooperation w/ lots of records labels from all over) --> NO more trades available for this release, unless you have already asked for it.
- Nekrasov/Humiliation split cd

Trades are welcomed but please write first !!!
Also, i still have copies of the other three releases :
#1 - MALVEILLANCE 'Just Fuck Off',
#2 - Burmese/Cadaver Eyes split CD,
#3 - Malveillance 'L'Appel Du Néant/Le Froid Du Nord'
(2 cassettes reissued on cd, including lots of kickass Ramones covers!)

Update : Still have a few of the Malveillance shirts available, DIY printed by hand, white design on black shirt. Sizes S, M, L, XL. $15 + shipping each.

This label is fully not-for-profit.
It is run by one guy with a shitty wage stuck in a tiny flat who puts out the music he feels needs to be heard by more people and feels passionnate about it.

Everything is reinvested in other releases and without your support, i could not
afford to put out these releases, so THANK YOU for ordering !
Yes, i DO send some extra cd's, cassettes or cdr's when people order more than one item.

This label likes coreleases because it helps with spreading the word about music, it keeps costs down and is simply the best way to put out music and helps create and share through networking in the underground.
If you feel i would be interested in coreleasing with your label or if you would be interested in cooperating with me with a release, get in touch !

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

News, Upcoming releases, distro updates, etc.

The label is not dead.
Up next soonest :

* Marblebog/Vorkuta MCD version of 7" on Autopsy Kitchen

PRE-ORDERS ACCEPTED : 25$ post-paid world for both cd's. Will ship as soon as they are in my hands. Payment accepted.

Up next soon :

* Zaaku - full length cd - russian distorted buzzing high weirdness outsider metal, as if Rudimentary Peni made black metal perhaps ?

ALSO, prices have been lowered for cd (8$ each, 2 for $15) and cdr ($5).

ALSO, you can get your hands on all 3 of .NEW.SCREAM.INDUSTRY. releases for $20 + postage.

CASSETTE = $5 ; CDR = $5 ; CD = $8 ; 7'' = $5
-->> Discounts and free stuff will be given on large orders ($50+) <<--


AMORT 'Dschungel/Fieber' (Orobas)
AMORT 'Winter Songs' (Orobas)
AMORT/THE COMFORT WIVES 'Black Blood/Locusta' (Orobas)
FRAIL 'Brilliant Darkness' (Rusty Axe)
MALVEILLANCE 'Insignifiance' (Harsh Brutal Cold)
METALIAN 'Rock 'N Roll Anthems' - (Harsh Brutal Cold)


FISTULA ‘Inverted Black Star’ (Crucial Bliss)
FISTULA ‘Lessons In Lamentation’ (Crucial Bliss)
HEDORAH s/t (Crucial Bliss)
THE AUSTRASIAN GOAT ..Void.. (Universal Tongue)
UNLIFE ..Ossuary v 2.0.. (Universal Tongue)


ALKERDEEL 'Luizig' (At War With False Noise)
BROBDINGNAGIAN "TortureStainedDisaster" (Rusty Axe)
BURMESE 'White' (Planaria)
BURMESE/CADAVER EYES split cd (.New.Scream.Industry.)
CLANDESTINE BLAZE 'Church of Atrocity' (Northern Heritage)
CLANDESTINE BLAZE 'Fist of the Northern Destroyer' (Northern Heritage)
DEAD RAVEN CHOIR 'Cask Strength Metal' (Supernal)
DEAD RAVEN CHOIR 'Seneclast Wolves' (God-Is-Myth)
DIE PIGEON DIE 'Ripped From V to A' (No Escape)
DRUDKH 'Blood In Our Wells' (Supernal)
DRUDKH 'Forgotten Legends' (Supernal)
ELODEA "cataclysmic" (Fuck Yoga)
EXCESSUM 'Death Redemption' (Deathstrike)
EXIT WOUNDS s/t (No Escape)
FRONT BEAST ‘Black Spells Of The Damned’ (Asengard)
GENGHIS TRON 'Dead Mountain Mouth' (Crucial Blast)
GHAST/RAPE-X split cd (Obskure Sombre)
GHAST/YOGA split cd (Choking Hazard)
GNAW THEIR TONGUES 'An Epiphanic Vomiting of Blood'(Crucial Blast)
GRUESOME STUFF RELISH 'Teenage Giallo Grind' (No Escape)
HATE FOREST 'Battlefields' (Supernal)
HAUST ‘Ride The Relapse’ (Fysisk Fermat)
HORRORS OF THE BLACK MUSEUM 'Gold From The Sea' (Obskure Sombre)
INERTIA KILLS 'Discographie' (Choking Hazard)
IRAN 'The Moon Boys' (tUMULt)
LEVIATHAN ‘Tentacles Of Whorror’ (Moribund)
LEVIATHAN ‘The Tenth SubLevel Of Suicide’ (Moribund)
MALVEILLANCE 'Just Fuck Off' (.New.Scream.Industry.)
MALVEILLANCE 'Le Froid du Nord/L'Appel du Neant' (.New.Scream.Industry.)
MOLOCH s/t (Choking Hazard)
MONARCH/ELYSIUM split cd (213/Throne/etc.)
NEKRASOV 'Into the No-Mans-Sphere of the Ancient Days' (Nekrasov)
NEKRASOV 'The Form of Thought from Beast' (Nekrasov)
NUIT NOIRE 'Fantomatic Plenitude' (Obliteration)
NUIT NOIRE 'Infantile Espieglery' (Todestrieb)
NUIT NOIRE'Lunar Deflagration' (Creations Of The Night)
PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI 'Har Du Sagt "A" Får Du Si "Nal" ' (No Escape)
PROCER VENECIUS 'A Summerhaze Array For August Nights' 2cd boxset (God-Is-Myth)
SKULLFLOWER 'IIIrd Gatekeeper' (Crucial Blast)
SOLAR ANUS "The Complete Solar Anus" 2CD (tUMULt)
THE DAY EVERYTHING BECAME NOTHING 'Invention:Destruction; (No Escape)
THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE 'Primitive' (20BuckSpin)
THE KILL 'The Hate Sessions' (No Escape)
THE WIZAR’D "Infernal Wizardry" (Rusty Axe)
TJOLGTJAR "Midnight Mindtrip" (Suffering Jesus)
TJOLGTJAR 'Five Tjolgtjarian Keys' (Suffering Jesus)
TREES 'Lights Bane' (Crucial Blast)
UNLIFE ..Ossuary v 2.0.. (Universal Tongue)
V/A ‘L.A. Noisescape’ (Bastardised)
WILDILDLIFE 'Six' (Crucial Blast)
WITCHTRAP ‘The First Necromancy’ (Obliteration)
WOLFMANGLER 'Cooking With Wolves' (Digitalis)
WRATH OF THE WEAK s/t (Bastardized)
XASTHUR ‘To Violate The Oblivious’ (Moribund)
XEXYZ 'Primeval Mountain' (Suffering Jesus)


MOON DARK/HARASSOR split (Universal Consciousness)
VARGHKOGHARGASMAL 'Carved In Trees/Tanz Der Waldteufel' (self-released)



*Ordering Info :
-All our prices are in CANADIAN FUNDS, however euros and american dollars are also accepted when sending cash through mail.
-To know the change rate visit
-Shipping cost is not included in the price.
-Checks and money orders are not accepted.
-Well-hidden money is welcome (NO COINS) as well as Paypal.
-Paypal payments must be made to (make sure to add 5% to your order to cover Paypal fees)
-If you order by mail write your order on a sheet of paper with the address where the package have to be send.
-If you order by Paypal please include all the details about your order with the payment in the comment section.
-All orders are shipped as soon as possible and are carefully packaged.
-We are not responsible for postal services incompetence (lost/stolen/damaged packages).


** Postage Rates :

CANADA - Zone 1 (Quebec/Ontario/Eastern provinces):
*1 CD/EP/CASSETTE/MAGAZINE (up to 200g): $3.50 CAD
*2-4 CD/EP/CASSETTE/MAGAZINE, 1 LP/T-SHIRT (up to 500g): $8.50 CAD
*2-3 LP/MLP or 5-8 CD/EP/CASSETTE/MAGAZINE (up to 1.0kg): $11.00 CAD
*4-7 LP/MLP or 9-16 CD/EP/CASSETTE/MAGAZINE (up to 2.0kg): $16.00 CAD

CANADA - Zone 2 (Central/Western provinces):
*1 CD/EP/CASSETTE/MAGAZINE (up to 200g): $4.50 CAD
*2-4 CD/EP/CASSETTE/MAGAZINE, 1 LP/T-SHIRT (up to 500g): $10.00 CAD
*2-3 LP/MLP or 5-8 CD/EP/CASSETTE/MAGAZINE (up to 1.0kg): $12.50 CAD
*4-7 LP/MLP or 9-16 CD/EP/CASSETTE/MAGAZINE (up to 2.0kg): $18.00 CAD

*1 CD/EP/CASSETTE/MAGAZINE (up to 200g): $6.50 CAD
*2-4 CD/EP/CASSETTE/MAGAZINE, 1 LP/T-SHIRT (up to 500g): $11.00 CAD
*2-3 LP/MLP or 5-8 CD/EP/CASSETTE/MAGAZINE (up to 1.0kg): $15.00 CAD
*4-7 LP/MLP or 9-16 CD/EP/CASSETTE/MAGAZINE(up to 2.0kg): $19.00 CAD

REST OF WORLD - Airmail rates:
*1 CD/EP/CASSETTE/MAGAZINE (up to 200g): $8.00 CAD
*2-4 CD/EP/CASSETTE/MAGAZINE, 1 LP/T-SHIRT (up to 500g): $16.00 CAD
*2-3 LP/MLP or 5-8 CD/EP/CASSETTE/MAGAZINE (up to 1.0kg): $31.00 CAD
*4-7 LP/MLP or 9-16 CD/EP/CASSETTE/MAGAZINE (up to 2.0kg): $46.00 CAD


Saturday, February 9, 2008

Burmese/Cadaver Eyes split cd OUT NOW !!!

We are happy to announce that the Burmese/Cadaver Eyes split cd is officially OUT NOW and that we have copies to sell and trade. It might have taken almost a whole year and a half from asking the artists to contribute to a split release to the moment the cd came out.
Very very very proud that we got to work with Burmese, Cadaver Eyes and the very fine Heart & Crossbone helping out with spreading the heavyness !

Here is how Heart & Crossbone describes it all : "
Not just another rude awakening, yet more of a crude one with the latest septic recordings from thee mighty Burmese (Load / tUMULt / Planaria / Crucial Blast) and Heart & Crossbone's Cadaver Eyes, with a new punishing line-up, featuring Zax Ben Doom (AKA Eran Sachs, a Sub Rosa recording artist) who joins David OPP (bARBARA / Lagan Tapes), his colleague in Lietterschpich.
Like demented twins in crime, Burmese & Cadaver Eyes rephrase Doom, Grindcore and Power Electronics by using an agonizing mechanism of plain brutal aesthetics, ascending this release to a higher level of cognitive surge. This split CD is difficult and pungent, a warm spew in the face and an endless buzz in the eardrum that fiercely occupies the brain and treats the grey cells as if they were an ashtray, putting the 'B' back in BRUTAL."

Not only that but favorable reviews are coming in slowly, but surely, starting with a very kind one from the Aquarius Records store based in San Francisco :

"BURMESE / CADAVER EYES split (Heart & Crossbone / New Scream Industry)
We'd be hard pressed to think of ANY band that could hold their own on a split record with our very own local noiseniks Burmese. But if anyone can, it's Israeli noise combo Cadaver Eyes.
But first off, holy shit are we psyched to have new music from Burmese. These guys are seriously sloooooow workers. Other than a handful of shows, we've heard nary a peep from these guys, there was the reissue of the tUMULt release on vinyl, but it's literally been years we've been waiting for a new record. Multiple lineup changes, disastrous tours, scrapped recordings, the sort of luck that has plagued these guys forever. But finally, they've beat the curse, and gotten us 11 new blasts of brutal, speaker shredding ultraviolence. Some confusion mix of Whitehouse style abstract noise, pummeling grind, damaged metal, freaked out power violence. They may be down to one drummer, but they still have two bass players, and now THREE vocalists.
They sound as good as ever, still furious and freaked out, sometimes offering up sprawling electronic dronescapes, sometimes, frantic flurries of lightning fast grind, sometimes convoluted lurching metallic crunch, and often all of the above at the same time. Hypnotic and heavy and seriously fucked up. Just another reminder, since they're loath to do it themselves outside of their sporadic releases, that these guys are quite possibly the best band in SF.
But then there's Cadaver Eyes, recorded live on WFMU, using just drums, vocals and no-input mixing board. And listening to this, it seems impossible that there's not two guitarists and multiple drummers and synths and who knows what else. The sound is dense and freaked out. Spastic spurts of strangled grind, long stretches of speaker shredding electronic buzz and skree, long drawn out abstract dronescapes of howling vox and pounding drum plods spaced WAY out, culminating in the nearly eight minute closer, beginning with the strangely titled "Ba Yom Yom" and finishing off with an absolutely unrecognizable cover of "Sweet Home Alabama", a convoluted blow out of maniacally howling vocals, sputtering percussive crunch, LOTS of feedback, and thick walls of rumbling crumbling distortion.

Awesome. And about as UN-easy listening as we can imagine.

Burmese/Cadaver Eyes split cd - $12 + postage

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Malveillance cd reissue collection of hard-to-find and out-of-print tapes

We are very very proud to co-release the Malveillance cd reissue collection of hard-to-find and out-of-print tapes, due early 2008.

This will be a cooperation between New.Scream.Industry (Montreal, Canada), Suffering Jesus (Saskatoon, Canada)
and Sabbathid (Japan).

Malveillance, a bleak mixture of black metal and discharged-propelled punk with howling vocals, released quite a bit of material since 2003 :

La mort avant la soumission (Autistiartili Records, 2003) ,
Que la mort vous emporte
(Autistiartili Records, 2003),
Nuissance (Blasphemous Underground Prods, 2004),
a split cassette with Vorago (Tour de Garde, 2005),
Insignifiance (Tour de Garde, 2005 - re-released in 2006 on cd by Suffering Jesus),
Le froid du nord (Harsh Brutal Cold prods, 2005),
L'appel du neant (Harsh Brutal Cold prods, 2006),
Just fuck off (New.Scream.Industry/Sabbathid/Suffering Jesus, 2006).

While the earlier releases had more of a black metal aesthetics, they did embody a sound that was akin to Akitsa, Burzum; slow, raw, minimalist yet effective.

As releases came forth, the punk influences came even more present, as a strong d-beat replaced the slower beats and as the guitar got even more stripped down; to the point of recording and releasing 7 covers of the Ramones on L'appel du neant cassette.

The cd reissue of hard-to-find and out-of-print tapes will feature the Nuissance (2004), Le froid du nord (2005) and L'appel du neant (2006) cassettes; and there *might* additional tracks as well.

The tentative track listing would be as follows :

*L'Appel du Neant, originally released January 12th, 2006
1. I Can't Be 01:45
2. Eat That Rat 01:24
3. Commando 01:45
4. I Don't Care 01:22
5. Love Kills 01:26
6. I Don't Wanna Be Learned+Tamed 01:19
7. It's A Long Way Back 01:28
-Tracks 1-7 are Ramones cover songs.
8. Les Assoifes 01:34
9. Conformisme (Fuck Off) 01:12
10. Dans la Poussiere des Bombes 01:41
11. L'avenement d'un Temps Nouveau 02:07
12. Au Nom de la Science 01:48
13. L'intolerance enfantee par la Peur 02:09
14. L'extase de Vivre 01:58
15. Comptez Vos Morts...Imbeciles 02:24
16. Vos Idoles Sont des Merdes 01:14
17. Vos Malheurs 02:34

*Le Froid du Nord, originally released on March 23rd, 2005
18. Effrondrement 01:49
19. Coup Final 01:46
20. Dans le Sang 02:14
21. Le Froid du Nord 02:25
22. Partisan de la Décadence 01:58
23. Le Moment Viendra 01:56
24. Commando 01:17
25. Sterilize (feat. Vorago) 02:04
26. Outro 03:45

*Nuisance, originally released in December 2004

27. Meurtre 05:20
28. Nausea 05:29
29. Pestilence 04:39
30. Je Ne Me Soumettrai Pas (Fuck Off) 04:04
31. Les Bienfaits Du Cyanure 03:41
32. Gouverné Par Des Rats 03:38
33. Outro 02:46

Estimated total time would be 76minutes:51seconds of raw, black d-beat punk.