Wednesday, November 25, 2009



- Marblebog/Vorkuta MCD version of 7" on Autopsy Kitchen
- The Austrasian Goat/L'Acephale split 7"
(cooperation w/ lots of records labels from all over) --> NO more trades available for this release, unless you have already asked for it.
- Nekrasov/Humiliation split cd

Trades are welcomed but please write first !!!
Also, i still have copies of the other three releases :
#1 - MALVEILLANCE 'Just Fuck Off',
#2 - Burmese/Cadaver Eyes split CD,
#3 - Malveillance 'L'Appel Du Néant/Le Froid Du Nord'
(2 cassettes reissued on cd, including lots of kickass Ramones covers!)

Update : Still have a few of the Malveillance shirts available, DIY printed by hand, white design on black shirt. Sizes S, M, L, XL. $15 + shipping each.

This label is fully not-for-profit.
It is run by one guy with a shitty wage stuck in a tiny flat who puts out the music he feels needs to be heard by more people and feels passionnate about it.

Everything is reinvested in other releases and without your support, i could not
afford to put out these releases, so THANK YOU for ordering !
Yes, i DO send some extra cd's, cassettes or cdr's when people order more than one item.

This label likes coreleases because it helps with spreading the word about music, it keeps costs down and is simply the best way to put out music and helps create and share through networking in the underground.
If you feel i would be interested in coreleasing with your label or if you would be interested in cooperating with me with a release, get in touch !


Anonymous said...

Hey man... if you could,send me some pics of the new releases and I'll throw em on the blog. Shit sounds rad.

Robert said...

I ordered 2 records from New Scream Industry on Dec. 12. I got confirmation that my money was received and an email from the guy who runs the label thanking me for my order. It is March 3rd, and I have no records and New Scream Industry has my money. I've sent several emails with no reply. If anyone's reading this, think twice before sending money to this label.