Monday, March 8, 2010

Still not dead : Some news and explanations

Hi to all of you,

I would like to take this opportunity to set things straight with regards to the label.
The label is not dead, far from it !

I had an extremely difficult end of 2009 and beginning of 2010; this is why I could not get back to any of you.
I am very sorry to have kept you all in the dark about it all.

I went through a separation with the woman I was with for over 4 years and got kicked out of my apartment afterwards and had nowhere to go to and slept on couches for a few weeks.
I was laid off from my full-time and well-paid job and having to beg my old part-time job that does not pay well at all.
I haven't had internet access for weeks and just got back to taking care of weeks old emails and questions.
I found out that my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer disease and that my grandfather has both bone cancer and prostate cancer.
My father is awaiting results for tests regarding both his prostate and his diabetic status.
All of this really took a toll on my health and I had minor health problems related to all of that tumultuous period.

As you can surely imagine, personal occupations such as having a roof under my head, having a job and caring and being there for my family goes first before doing the label.

All of the bands’ copies were sent through the mail to their respective homes and got a very fair share of copies.
Needless to say I am terribly sorry that I messed up with regards to mail-ordering + trading for the last few weeks.

My sincere apologies for some of the people who waited an awful long time to get their stuff to their door; all orders where shipped w/ extra stuff to make up for the long delays. I hope it makes it up for the problematic situations.
Trades and promos were taken care of and shipped out.

PLEASE do get in touch if you have questions or anything of that matter.

Thank you for your understanding of the situation, your patience and professionalism.

All the best,



Tor Hershman said...

That's crappy.


Here Eduardo of FÉRETRO RECORDS.

I'm still waiting the stuff you owe me from a trade we made the past year.

You don't answer to my emails.

Please put in contact.